Community Mediation Services

Community Mediation Services is offered by Volunteers of America Northern New England. Please see our site for the latest information: 

Community and Agricultural Mediation and Mediation Training.

Mission: Helping people, groups and communities effectively resolve conflicts

Vision: To promote stronger and more peaceful relationships and communities

Upcoming 40-Hour Mediation Certificate Training - February and May 2011
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Community Mediation

Agricultural Mediation

  •   Effective
  •  Confidential
  •  Affordable





Mediation is:

  • Voluntary - It is your decision to participate
  • Effective - People work out their own agreements with the mediators' help
  • Informal - No official proceedings, just plain talk
  • Quick - It ususally takes just a few hours and happens within a week or two of your call
  • Satisfying - You tell your story and you participate in finding a solution
  • Affordable - Services are free or at low cost





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What is Mediation?

A way to resolve conflicts and disputes.We all know that at conflict happens in everyone's life. With help from trained Mediators, acting as a neutral, impartial third party, conflict can be dealt with effectively; bringing tremendous peace of mind and satisfaction. Mediators help parties clarify issues, explore options and reach mutually satisfactory resolutions.

Services Provided:

Mediation, Facilitaion, Training in the areas of: Agriculture, Housing, Landlord/Tenant, Neighbors, Employment, Non Profit/For Profit Organizations, Families, Elder Care and Schools.

How the Program Works


Populations Served:

CMS serves all of Maine citizens. Although mediation services are available to all populations, grants we receive emphasize service to those who are economically and socially        disadvantaged, including cases referred by Pine Tree Legal Assistance, Legal Service for the Elderly, the Volunteer Lawyers Project, Maine Human Rights Commission, and the Maine State Housing Authority.

Statewide Services:

We provide statewide mediation, facilitation and conflict coaching to clients, service providers and children's grievances for the Department of Health and Human Services    (DHHS).

We are Maine's USDA Certified State Agriculture Mediation Program, a service of the USDA. We mediate any issue connected with farm or land use, neighbor complaints, forclosure or any USDA appeals. 

Volunteer Mediators:

Community Mediation uses roster of trained Mediators who have participated in at least 40 hours of general mediation training as a condition of application. CMS provides this training three times a year plus conducts additional ongoing training on a diversity of topics including, but are not limited to, landlord tenant law, safety issues, mental health issues, and familiarity with the policies and mandates of legal services and mental health providers.


Community Mediation Services (CMS) was established in September, 1993 and incorporated in February, 1994. It merged with Volunteers of America Northern New England in July, 2009. It has an Advisory Board drawn from a diverse array of citizens, including people. Please let us know if you're interested in being on the Advisory Board or helping out in any other way. The project first obtained a grant from the Maine Community Foundation to conduct a needs assessment on the need for, and likely utilization of, a community mediation program. Subsequently the board developed referral arrangements with several agencies and recruited 15 trained volunteer mediators that were provided with additional program specific training. 

For more information on our current services, please read 2008 assessment assessment of Community Mediation Services

CMS Receives Funding/Support From:

Maine Department of Health and Human Services
United States Department of Agriculture
Great Works Internet (GWI)
Donations from Infividuals like you 
And the support of many Volunteer Mediators 

How can you support our Mediation Center?

  • Make a Financial Donation - contact us at
  • Make an in-kind donation - contact us at
  • Become a Volunteer  - contact us at
  • Serve on our Advisory Board - contact the program at